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What Makes Critterhaven Lamb So Special?

Critterhaven raises a rare breed of hair sheep called Barbados Blackbelly. Having no wool (and thus no lanolin) to taint the flavor of the meat ensures that blackbelly lamb never tastes "muttony." Blackbelly lamb is an exceptionally mild-flavored, lean meat guaranteed to please even those folks who say they "don't like lamb."

Our sheep are raised on grass in the summer and alfalfa hay in winter. When pregnant or nursing their lambs, ewes are supplemented with natural grains. All of our sheep are raised without chemical intervention—no vaccinations, antibiotics, hormones, or parasite treatments.

We feed wholesome diets that NEVER contain animal by-products, animal fats, animal protein, manure, urea, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, ammonium chloride, antibiotics, etc. Our animals are not raised using intensive, factory confinement methods. They run in open pastures their entire lives.

Colorado Proud Logo Critterhaven is proud to offer freezer lamb and quality breeding ewes and rams to customers eager to try something new. You can be part of a genetic-preservation effort as well as partake in what will most certainly be the finest meal you’ve ever tasted.

When are lambs available?

Blackbelly ewes breed throughout the year, making it easy to time our lambings to meet your needs. But blackbelly sheep are a small breed and take longer to grow to freezer-lamb weight. Therefore to ensure that your lamb is ready when you need it, we need lots of advance notice—it takes at least 12 months from the time a ewe is bred to bring a lamb to your table! The wait is worth it, however, and once you taste blackbelly lamb, you’ll be happy to wait for more!

If you’d like lamb for a holiday celebration or other special occasion, we’re happy to accept your reservation and will grow the lamb to your specifications. Of course, we sometimes have lamb that hasn’t been reserved, so please call for availability.

How much does it cost?

When you buy Critterhaven lamb, you actually purchase the live animal. WE DO NOT SHIP. We can help arrange for an on-farm slaughterer and you can hire him to skin, dress, and transport the carcass to a local meat processor.

  • Live lamb @$3.50 / lb

Critterhaven sheep breed year-round but we have only a limited number of lambs available. To ensure that we will have a lamb when you need it, we recommend you reserve your lamb by placing a $100 deposit on it.

How much meat is on a lamb?

As a good rule of thumb, the amount of cut and wrapped meat you get is about 45-50% of the animal's live weight. Therefore, a 100-lb lamb will, on average, provide 45-50 lb of packaged meat, depending on your choice of cuts.

It is your choice as to when a lamb is butchered. Some people like young lambs suitable for whole-carcass barbecues. Those lambs might weigh around 45-50 lb. Other folks want as much meat as possible, as long as it remains tender and flavorful. In general, a 90-100 lb lamb is a good target for these folks.

How will my lamb be packaged?

You can decide what cuts you want and how much meat goes into each package. Here is a typical bundle of whole lamb for a total weight of about 40 pounds:

Can I purchase sausage?

Local butchers will make sausage and smoked sausage sticks but usually require that the entire carcass be devoted to sausage. Call for details.

Do I have room to store the meat?

Yes. A typical refrigerator freezer compartment holds 2 or 3 lamb bundles. Each bundle requires less than 1½ cubic feet of space.