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I have been breeding Barbados Blackbelly sheep since 1998 and am one of only a handful of senior breeders in the U.S. My flock's bloodlines come from the purebred flock at Virginia State University (VSU) and from purebred lines developed at Critterhaven by selecting for large-bodied, long-loined animals that reliably produce smooth-headed rams. Because I do not vaccinate or deworm, my sheep are naturally parasite tolerant and disease resistant.

General Terms

50% deposit at commitment; balance due at time of pickup. Will hold sheep until March 1 at no charge after commitment is made. Thereafter, room and board charges may apply. The pregnant ewes should not be transported after March 1.

Charges for shipping, transportation, and health certificates (generally $108 not including any tests that buyer's state may require) are additional and are the buyer's responsibility. I have no foot rot or other illness in my flock. I do not worm or vaccinate. Animals have been raised chemical-free.

All sheep will be registered prior to final sale.

As a breeder of a rare breed of sheep, I am committed to full disclosure of my sheep's genetics and their entire pedigree. You will know everything I know about any sheep you purchase.

Sheep for Sale--Flock Dispersal

Four ewes, two ewe lambs, and two breeding rams. Two of the ewes are bred to lamb April 1, 2015. You can expect twins from each ewe.

Two Pyrenees/Anatolian guardian livestock dogs (brother/sister), DOB 2008.

Price: Nationally, these sheep sell for $275-$325 regardless of age or sex. Best offer on entire ewe flock and guardian dogs. No extra charge for bred ewes.

Photos are current as of January 4, 2015, and show the sheep in their winter coats.

Ewes and Lambs